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Odor Control / Carbon Filters

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Charcoal or Carbon Pleated Filters activated carbon work almost like an odor 'sponge' absorbing odors.  This versatile filter is an excellent choice in Residential , Commercial and Industrial setting for remediation of minor odor problems.  This filter combines the low resistance and high dust holding capacity of a pleated filter with the odor removing abilities of activated carbon.  As odor producing gases come in contact with the activated carbon in the filter, they are absorbed, trapped and held in the carbon pores. 
Available in standard and custom sizes; 1" , 2" and 4" thickness.  Be sure to  change your filters as recommended to ensure the best possible air quality.  Charcoal filters can last up to 90-days.



  • Maximum Air Flow
  • Media maximizing V-pleat design
  • Lasts up to 90 Days
  • Support members provide frame strength
  • Filter media pack is sealed to eliminate air bypass.
  • Custom Sizes Also Available
  • Made in the USA

Charcoal Product Data

Due to excessive box size and/or shipping restraints , many sizes and/or thicknesses may require a custom quote or estimate;  additional shipping charges may apply for oversize filters, as well as 2" and 4" thicknesses.

Most Filters 1"Ship FREE in the Continental U.S...We Ship Worldwide! xxxxxxxxJob Quotes & Bulk Estimates Available, Contact Us with your Details.