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RGF® Portable Systems

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Typical duct cleaning has always involved using a brush to physically remove particulate matter that can settle in duct work. This can also have the side effect of releasing microbes, gases and odors into the air during the cleaning process. RGF Environmental Group’s Portable Remediation Solutions are specially designed to be used to santize duct work , open areas and spaces; eliminating these microscopic pollutants in your ducts and keeping them out of your home or office.
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SKU: MBPRO-P-12 | Brand: RGF

RGF® Rapid Recovery Unit without Hose...

SKU: RRU-16 | Brand: RGF

RGF® Turbozone 1000...

SKU: TB-1000-HO-16 | Brand: RGF

RGF® Turbozone 7000...

SKU: TB-7000-HO-16 | Brand: RGF

RGF® Rapid Recovery Unit , RRU with Hose...

SKU: RRU-16-DS | Brand: RGF