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Ultravation® Bulbs

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OEM Ultravation Bulbs , designed specifically for Ultravation Systems Timely replacement of your UV bulb ensures maximum air disinfection and continuous clean, fresh air for your home or office. If your existing bulb is over a year old, it needs to be replaced even if it still appears to work. Laboratory tests show that the bulb effectiveness drops off dramatically after 9000 hours, or 1 year of use (except for 2 year models). If your product is not listed , please Contact Us for availability.

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$82.50/ each

Ultravation® AS-IH-1001 12" T3 Quartz Enclose...

SKU: AS-IH-1001 | Brand: Ultravation
$82.50/ each
$93.50/ each

Ultravation® AS-IH-1013 12" PhotoMax Bulb...

SKU: AS-IH-1013 | Brand: Ultravation
$93.50/ each
$82.50/ each

Ultravation® AS-IH-1003 17" T3 Quartz Enclose...

SKU: AS-IH-1003 | Brand: Ultravation
$82.50/ each

Ultravation® UVM07URL 7" Replacement Mini Spl...

SKU: UVM07URL | Brand: Ultravation